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Metrics to be Monitored in a Law Firm Website.

The use of the internet is common even with the law firms. Most of these law firms use their websites to market themselves. The aim of these websites is to convert the visitors into clients. This can be achieved by improving the appearance of the website. The usage of the latest plugin is also important in ensuring that more visitors are converted to clients. The more visitors are converted into clients, the more a law firm will earn. There are ways in which a law firm can make their website to be effective.

There are various types of the law firms. There are the commercial law firms and those that deal with personal injuries. The factors that play major roles in the performance of a website are the same irrespective of the type of the law firm. It is important to identify the right metrics. This will allow the law firm to compete effectively with the other firms. The most important metrics are only three. These metrics are described as follows.

The number of visitors on a website is the first factor. The law firms should be keen on the number of people visiting their page on a monthly basis. This number is largely affected by the appearance of the website. The number of people visiting a website can be influenced by many other factors. These are the social media campaigns, guests posting on other websites, marketing strategies and testimonials. It is also important to establish the cause of a drop or a rise in the number of the web visitors. Another thing about this metric is that a law firm should know how most of their visitors arrive at their website. Search engines and social media sites can be the source.

The second metric is the bounce rate. As much as there are many visitors on the website, their stay should not be short-lived to a few seconds. The visitors with the habit of only clicking on a single page on the website are responsible for the increase in the bounce rates. Such people include those who press a back button on their browser, type different URL into their browser and those who close the tab or the browser window. Causes of such a trend should be established. It is necessary for the monthly reduction of the bounce rates.

Conversion rate is the other factor. The number of visitors converted into clients is all that the conversion rate is all about. Potential clients are the visitors who call or email the firm, those who fill the inquiry form and also those that download the free report or white paper.