Lessons Learned About Cars

Safety Road Usage Instructions for All Drivers.

Negligence by drivers has been attributed to causing most of the accidents witnessed in our roads nowadays. Sports cars with high speed are mostly the ones involved in the road accidents. Therefore as the driver you should always overcome the temptation to over speed the car as this may result in an accident. Things to observe to ensure careful driving is.

Concentration to the road is key while driving. Drivers should not only concentrate on the road but also should keep an eye on other road users. The purpose of this is as a driver you may be driving within the average allowed speed, but you may be forced to over speed or give way if the vehicle behind you is approaching you and there is a risk of it hitting you from the back. Another item to observe is restricting making or answering calls while driving and engaging in non-verbal communication with other vehicle users such as explaining items by using your hands.

Read all the issued traffic rules and regulations. Some people assume they can drive after learning how to handle the steering wheel, without getting the theoretical driving knowledge of the traffic regulations. This because driving is more than practical and there is need to get the information or precaution being passed by a road sign board. Also when driving into another state or region learn their traffic rules as different places have different road rules and regulations. This also entails fastening your seat belt every time you are driving and making sure that your passengers have also fastened their safety belts before you start driving.

Never drive while drunk or high from any substance. This is because consumption of alcohol and drugs clouds your judgment. Drunk people are known to over speed the car as their senses have been Impaired. People arrested while driving under the influence will face the consequences of being sent to jail or paying penalties or their lose their driving documents, irrespective of whether they were involved in an accident or not.
Before jumping into the driver’s seat and starting the car, first confirm the wheels have the appropriate pressure, the car has sufficient fuel and the oil gauge is working properly. This is a precautionary measure to ensure that the vehicle is fit for driving. In addition it is important to take the car to the garage for check-up every now and then.

Drivers should always rest after driving for a long interval. This is necessary for long distance drivers. The large number of accidents happening on night hours are due to the driver dosing off while still holding the steering wheel. Also when traveling for long distance using the road, you can have someone to alternate driving with, after a given distance.

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