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Passion of the Christ is Worth a Watch

The Mel Gibson’s movie was first criticized by distractors and critics, painting it with a lot of dirty words. This is not the case with the Christian community and other right-minded people.

The filming of the movie was done in Aramaic, though with English subtitles. Such makes the movie enjoyable by itself since it decorates it with emotions that the person watching will not avoid, hence getting more the subject. Many people are probably familiar with the story-line and hence reading the subtitles won’t distract you at all. Such may even make you more attentive as you watch the images displaying on your screen, and time after time, you will get amplified events.

The main things in the movie are the accounts of the New Testament Gospel that narrate the events that happened to the time Christ was crucified. It has been termed a must watch for all people by the most devoted Christians but minors should not watch the movie. This is because the passion sometimes is violent in the film. Those who are 16 years old can watch the movie after they have understood what the movie is all about.

It is clear from the start that there are bad things about to happen, as Jesus of Nazareth prays at the Garden of Gethsemane that he may be delivered by God, His Father. One can see a satanic figure in the shadows casting a lot of doubts and temptations. This figure says that no man can bear all the sins of the world, something that is impossible. Jesus refuses to surrender to the temptations, leading Satan to approaching Judas and he betrays him to the guards.

After he is capture, he is taken to face the high priest while in chains. There are several people we meet, the Pharisees and leading priests who question him if he is the Son of God and he did tell them that he is. This led to his mocking, hitting and spitting on him. They lead him to the King, Pilate, to be killed.

Though Pilate finds no fault in him, he had him hit with a whip. Lack of tenderness, total brutally begins here. All these happen until the crucifixion.

The genius use of various styles like flash-backing of Jesus takes the audience to another world. overall, the film is rank one of the greatest ever made. If you believe Jesus of Nazareth is the biblical Messiah, then the film narrates the enormity of God’s sacrifice.

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