Steps Involved in Getting a Real Estate License

Having a real estate license can be the key to self-employment and allow a person to set their own hours. In a good market, it can also be a relatively lucrative career. While the exact regulations can vary by state, there are a few steps involved in getting a real estate license in Florida.

Meet the Prerequisites

Before getting licensed to sell real estate, a person needs to be at least 18 years of age and have the equivalent of a high school diploma. You need to have a social security number as well. Those who already have a license in another state may be able to get a mutual recognition license, but Florida only has this type of agreement with eight other states. People applying to become a broker must have had an active real estate license for at least two out of the last five years. You don’t need to be a Florida resident to get a Florida real estate license.

Take an Approved Real Estate Course

The Florida Real Estate Commission must approve the course for it to count toward license eligibility. Courses need to be 63 hours long to become a sales associate, and students can’t miss any more than eight hours of the class. At the completion of the course, students must pass a final exam that has 100 questions with a score of 70 percent or more. The class to become a broker is 72 hours long. You have two years after the course to pass the state exam and get licensed before you need to redo the course.

Apply for the State Exam

After passing the course exam, you’ll need to apply to take the state exam. Have the application notarized and include the application fee as well as a set of electronic fingerprints. You can do this even before you finish the course since it takes some time to process. There’s an additional fee for the exam, which is given on a touch-screen computer by the approved exam company Pearson VUE, Inc. Because it’s done on computer, the results are available right away. If you don’t pass, you need to wait at least 30 days before taking the test again. If you fail again, you need to retake the course before taking the exam a third time.