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Everything You Need to Learn About Interest Rates For most of the savvy spenders, one of the things they are worried about is the interest rate. First, one credit card can have different interest rates for different things. Cash advances, balance transfers and purchases will all attract different interest rates and when you get a new line of credit, you still get a different rate. Before choosing the credit card that you will be using, it is advisable that you first shop around comparing the different rates. When the prime rates go high, it drives the credit card interest rates also higher. For most of the lenders, the only rate that does not fluctuate is the introductory rate at 0%. The APR will depend on your credit score as an individual. The reason why the lender will offer you with better rates is because you are perceived to be lesser risky to the lender if you have a higher credit score. Before getting the card, ensure that you have worked on your credit score because the interest rate will be given at the time of application. The interest rates can also go high for other reasons like if you start becoming delinquent. The lender will levy higher interest rates on the balances. However, you have the option of refusing the high rates by closing that line of credit. You will be required to adhere to the higher interest rates if you keep the line open but if you close it, the lender requires that you pay the balances in full. Calling the bank and asking them to reduce the interest rates is an option that you have and you can negotiate the interest rates with them. For you to successfully do this, there are tips that you could use. You need to act promptly and this means not more than 60 days since the interest rates were hiked.
Lessons Learned from Years with Loans
You should keep log of all the interactions that you have with the lender. The people that you are asking help from must be treated with utmost respect, keep calm at all time and be polite. The government can help you with your complaint if you try to be civil to no avail. Good credit scores will help you get an introductory balance transfer because the lender perceives you as credit worthy. If you are lucky and find a good lender, they will give you a deal up to 2 years and this will save you a lot of money. Our advice is that you do not rush into picking the credit card rather do comparisons with the different ones.Lessons Learned from Years with Loans