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Advantages of Publishing Your App in an Android Market or App Store If you have finally made your first app and you are wondering if you would self publish it on your website or publish it in the Android market or app store, you will realize that there are a lot more benefits of going for the Android market or app store than your other option. The advantages of using the Android market of app store for publishing your app are given below. Since apps became popular because of usability in the users life, millions of them search for apps daily. And guess where they go to search for one? Google Play or app stores are the popular sites where people download or buy their apps. If you put your app in the Google play store or app store, then you can be sure that your app will be seen by millions of people who visit these sites daily. With millions of users going to these app stores on a daily basis, the likelihood that your app will be seen will be higher than if you self publish it. Installing apps from the play or app store does not need any technical know how to do so. It only take a single click on the install button, and in the few seconds or minutes, they can start using the app. This then is better than self publishing that requires extra work to publish and maintain. There are no hassles when you sell your app in the play or app stores. Upgrades using the app or play stores are easy if you already have upgrades for your users. IT is easy to update an app if published in a play or app store. Your account is also tied to a notification system so anything that goes on in your app will get you notified. If your app is in these publishing stores, they have a developer portal where you can find stats on the behavior of your app like the number of downloads, error reports and other details that are useful for you
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It is great to get free publicity in an app or play store. You don’t pay upfront fees to publish you app in these publishing stores. This is the single location where many people go to to search for apps, as we have already mentioned. There are also third party sites that will effectively publish your app for you because they want to advertise on the back of it. This gives you the benefit of charging for the advertising in your app.
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One more thing is that you app will be available on all supported devices. Whether users use their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, play stores or app stores, will definitely display your app. Rather than publishing your app in your own website, why not go to where the people go and publish it in the android market or app stores.